Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The text classification software design

In my last post I wrote brief description of the text classification software. Today I'd like to introduce my first attempt to the software. I created the software module which is able to learn words, sentences and phrases. The software needs training before use, so we need feed the software as much as we can. The learning materials are just text which you want to classify.

For example the learning content in the IT support department: "The laptop shutdown when the power adapter is off - Hardware". The text classification software will recognize the sentence as problem with hardware. I know that this example can be easy done in any programming language with few minutes of work but text classification and natural language processing allows enter sentence for example: "My laptop stopped working when cut off the power adapter". For human being it's natural language but not for machines! So if we train the software with hundreds or more sentences then the software easy classify the documents.

Below is a short video demo of the text classification.

and also text mining software demo

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