Thursday, 22 May 2014

Data analyzer software with text classification

My previous project Data Analyzer software is the tool which allows:

  • Import data from any source such databases, text files, CSV files and other,
  • Create custom queries on the source data using easy query generator tools,
  • Display the data using advanced data grid with column grouping, field chooser, custom field definition, filtering,
  • Display the data on the advanced OLAP cube grid. It allows you display information in many different views,
  • Creating custom reports which can be exported to any known formats, eg.: XML, PDF, DOC, HTML and many more.
  • The custom report generator is a easy to use drop and down tool. Just pick up the field and drop on the report form.
  • Additional functionality: predictions based on imported data and finally the text classification functionality.
As I mentioned above, the predictions are based on learning algorithms. Also the text classification uses similar approach.

Below are some videos showing the data analyzer software

and report generator

Also create data source connection example

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